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If you repeat something over and over again it loses its meaning; You watch the sunset too often it just becomes 6 pm, you make the same mistake over and over you stop calling it a mistake. If you just wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up one day you’ll forget why Phil Kaye from Repetition  (via hefuckin)

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ill take the one in the red 

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and that’s when it came up and swallowed me millionth dollar



i have more followers than people at my school


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if you’re going to leave, that’s fine.
and I know you promised you wouldn’t
seven months ago while I was crying
into your neck but I also know that
sometimes it rains even when it’s not
supposed to and sometimes boys
kiss girls they shouldn’t and we tear
flowers out of the ground just to watch
them die and things change,
so I understand if you’re done,
but please, when you’re packing all your
old sweaters and books, don’t forget
to take all your three AM phone calls,
and photographs where we’re smiling
so wide it looks like we’ve never known
that feeling in the pit of your stomach
when someone screams “I don’t love you
Take back every kiss, every night you
fell asleep next to me, every poem I
wrote you, every song you sang to
me, every “I love you more fight,”
every shock I felt in my skin when
you brushed against me.
I was never scared of ghosts until you
left but now I see you everywhere and
god if you’re going to kill me please
just do it quickly because I see you
in everything and it’s making it hard
to breathe I won’t say I miss you but I think my mother knows anyway (via extrasad)

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I’ll be ok. I just need time to be sad. 10 word story (via lettersstrungtogether7)

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Do twins have the same sized dick?


Both reactions work

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To my daughter I will say, when men come, set yourself on fire. Warsan Shire Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth (via sempiternale)

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the starry sky on the himalayas


So amazing


Def click da pic

when you’ve just finished an 8 hr shoot and Simon calls you about some appearance